Glimpses of Past Events

16 SEPT 2022

AWS Community Hero Nilesh Vaghela and his team has taken workshop on Linux to introduse students in industry how much Linux is used.
12, 19, 27 FEB 2022

12 FEB 2022 - Introduction to Serverless
19 FEB 2022 - Introduction to Cloudformation
27 FEB 2022 - Introduction to DevOps
5 FEB 2022

7 day long Machine learning Bootcamp in collaboration with Microsoft Learn was conducted by ASC on 5th Feb.


Together as a Club ASC aims to provide a platform for the intellectuals to learn and explore the Cloud fundamentals of AWS. As a part of the club we assure that every individual gets something productive out of this club. ACS intends to bring developers under one roof to create a community to inspire many. The club will be channeled into propagating learning and teaching symbiotically.


AWS Students' Club,
Charotar University of Science & Technology,