Sr. No. Title of the unit Minimum number of hours
1 Introduction to Cryptography and Blockchain 07
2 Cryptocurrencies 07
3 Decentralized Applications 14
4 Hyperledger Fabric 14
5 Privacy, Security issues and Use Cases of Blockchain 03

Unit No. Topics Teaching Hours
1 Introduction to cryptography and Blockchain
Public Key Cryptography, Hashing, Digital signature, History and Introduction to Blockchain, Types of Blockchain: Private and Public, Permissioned and Permission-less, Distributed Ledger
2 Cryptocurrencies
Introduction to crypto primitives and various crypto- currencies, Bitcoin, Bitcoin consensus, Proof of Work, Proof of Stack, Bitcoin Script
3 Decentralized Applications
Introduction to Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Mining, The consensus problem - Asynchronous Byzantine Models of fault tolerance, Decentralized Applications (Dapps) Platform & Ethereum Client - Geth, Solidity
4 Hyperledger Fabric
Introduction to Permissioned Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric, Microsoft Azure’s Blockchain as a Service
5 Privacy, Security issues and Use Cases of Blockchain
Privacy and Security issues in Blockchain like Zero- knowledge proof, double spending, selfish mining, 51% Attacks, potential disruptions with blockchain and other attacks. Use Cases of Blockchain: IOT, HealthCare Sector, Supply-Chain, Land Registry, and other use cases