Sr. No. Title of the unit Minimum number of hours
1 DevOps: An Overview 03
2 OS & Linux Basics 10
3 Containerization - Docker 13
4 CI/CD Pipelines 10
5 Cloud Provider - AWS 06
6 Container Orchestration - Kubernetes 03
7 Monitoring & Observability 03
8 Infrastructure as Code 03
9 Version Control – Git 03

Unit No. Topics Teaching Hours
1 DevOps: An Overview
DevOps: Origins
DevOps: Roots
Addressing Dev versus Ops
DevOps: Practices
Continuous Integration
Continuous Delivery
Supporting Practices &Shift Left
Architecture and Risk Mitigation
2 OS & Linux Basics
Shell Commands Linux File System & Permissions SSH Key Management Virtualization basics of Networking & Security in order to configure the infrastructure, like Configure Firewalls to secure access, Understand how IP addresses, ports and DNS works, Load Balancers, Proxies, HTTP/HTTPS
3 Containerization -
Overview Run containers Inspect active containers Docker Networking Persist data with Docker Volumes Dockerize apps using Docker files Run multiple containers using Docker-Compose Work with Docker Repository
4 CI/CD Pipelines
Setting up the CI/CD server pipeline automatically Integrate code repository to trigger Build Tools & Package Manager Tools to execute the tests and package the application Configuring artifact repositories (like Nexus) and integrate with pipeline
5 Cloud Provider - AWS
IAM service - managing users and permissions VPC service - your private network EC2 service - virtual servers
6 Container Orchestration -
How Kubernetes works How to administer and manage the K8s cluster How to deploy applications on K8s Learn core components like, Deployment, Service, ConfigMap, Secret, StatefulSet, Ingress Kubernetes CLI (Kubectl) Persisting data with K8s Volumes Namespaces
7 Monitoring & Observability
Prometheus: A popular monitoring and alerting tool Grafana: Analytics and interactive visualization tool ELK Stack: A popular log management stack
8 Infrastructure as Code
Infrastructure provisioning - Terraform Configuration management – Ansible
9 Version Control – Git
tracking of changes in the source code and enables better collaboration on code